Why use TeSSH instead of PuTTY

PuTTY is a popular, free, open-source SSH client for Windows.  So why should you use TeSSH instead of PuTTY?  Because TeSSH can save you time and make you more efficient.

TeSSH is the most advanced and feature-rich Telnet and SSH Client for Windows.  If you are using Telnet or SSH on a regular basis, then you should be using a professional client that can help you accomplish more than a bare-bones client such as PuTTY.

Here are some features unique to TeSSH that make it a must-have for professionals:

Script EditorClient-side Scripting
Server-based shell scripts are useful, but the ability to save scripts locally allows you to use them across multiple servers.  The zScript language was designed for high-performance Telnet and SSH scripting.  If you prefer a more familiar language, the Lua scripting engine is also fully integrated into TeSSH.  Or you can use any other Windows Scripting Host language, such as VBScript, Javascript, Perlscript, Python, Ruby, and many others.  An integrated script editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, and call tips is provided and utilizes the industry-standard Scintilla editor component used in many popular code editors, such as Notepad++.
Multiple window dockingMultiple Session Windows
TeSSH allows you to open multiple windows, either on the same host server or on other servers.  Each window can be docked, tabbed, or floating, similar to the interface used in Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE.  Windows can be hidden and "popup" when the mouse is moved over the window tab.  Windows can also automatically be shown and brought to the front when they receive activity from the server.  The window layout, including multiple host connections, can be easily saved to a single session icon.  This allows you to easily create a complex layout of multiple server windows and load this session with a simple click of a single icon.
Integrated FTPIntegrated FTP/SFTP
When managing servers, it is often useful to easily transfer files to or from the server.  While an external FTP client can be used for this, an integrated FTP window allows you to improve your efficiency even more by sharing your existing secure shell connection with a secure file transfer window.  When using SSH, a single click of the FTP button will open a secure FTP (SFTP) window to your current server.  Using the built-in Editor, you can even right-click on a file to edit it locally.  The file will be downloaded and displayed within the TeSSH script editor (with the proper language syntax loaded based upon file extension).  When changes to the file are saved, the new file is automatically uploaded back to the server.  You can also use scripting to keep the directory of the FTP window synchronized with the directory of your shell window.
Windows 7 supportFull support for Standards
Like PuTTY, TeSSH includes full support for all existing Telnet and SSH standards, including full ANSI color, ANSI cursor control, VT100 emulation, XTerm emulation, XTerm mouse support, 256-color support, MXP/HTML, MCCP, FTP.  TeSSH also has specific support for the Windows 7 task bar, allowing you to right-click and quickly connect to a session.  TeSSH can even provide a visual indication on the Windows 7 task bar that it has received new text from the server while minimized.

All of these features and many more combine to save you time and make you more efficient.  And in business, "Time is Money".  You will save the small cost of TeSSH within just a few weeks of using it.  But don't just take our word for it: TeSSH is a FREE download with a 30-day FREE trial.  So try it yourself and see how much it can improve your efficiency.  You'll be able to manage multiple remote servers easier than ever and will be able to accomplish tasks with the TeSSH scripting that you never dreamed of before.