Syntax: #CO pattern color

If the pattern parameter is left out, this command changes the color of the last line received from the server. The color attribute can be a numeric attribute (compatible with the attribute values used by the text modes of DOS) or can be a combination of string values listed below, separated by commas.

If the pattern is included, a trigger is created to color any line matching the given pattern with the specified color.

Supports numeric values generated with the %color function, desciptive values including those listed in the %colorname function, and RGB values in hexadecimal format preceded by a $.

COLOR examples

#CO red
changes the color of the last line received to red.

#CO bold,red
changes the last line to bold font and colors it red

#CO 159
set color of last line received to bold white on blue background.

#CO {tells the group} red
same as #TRIGGER {tells the group} {#CW red}. Whenever a string is received from the server containing the pattern tells the group, the phrase is colored red. Only the phrase is used because #COLOR secretly uses the #CW command. If you really want the entire line colored, you must create the trigger manually using:

#TRIGGER {tells the group} {#COLOR red}

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