Syntax: #FTP command arguments
Note: Not currently implemented in TeSSH

The #FTP command allows you to transfer files using the Internet File Transfer Protocol (FTP). If no command or agument is specified, the #FTP command will open a graphical window allowing you to transfer files interactively. Otherwise, when you use a command, you can control FTP from your scripts. The following commands are available:

open hostname[:port] [username] [password]

open an FTP connection to the specified host. The Port is optional. Port 21 is used if no port is specified. The FTP program will store the previous username and password (encoded, but not encrypted) for a host in the zFTP.INI file. So, if Username and/or Password is omitted from the command line, the values stored in the INI file will be used automatically. If no Username or password is stored in the INI file, an "anonymous" FTP connection is made.


close the current FTP session

dir or list

display a directory listing of the current remote server files


display the "current working directory" of the remote server


set the transfer mode to ascii text (this is the default)


set the transfer mode to binary

get filename [localname]

Download the specified filename from the remote server to the current system. By default, this file is placed into your server character directory within the TeSSH directory. To override this, specify the actual path and filename of the local file.

put filename

Upload the specified filename from the local computer to the remote server. If no path is specified in the filename, TeSSH will look first in the current character directory, and then it will look in the main TeSSH directory

getedit filename

Download the specified text file and load its contents directly into the editor. No file is created on your disk (unless you save the file from the editor). A new button called "FTP" will be displayed in the editor toolbar. This FTP button can be pressed to upload the edited file back to the remote server using the same filename. This command is useful for grabbing a text file from the server, editing it, and then sending it back again.

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