Lua Scripting

Added in v2.0

Starting in TeSSH v2.0, integrated Lua scripting was added. Lua is a very popular scripting language because of it's high speed and small size. While zScript remains as the main supported scripting language in TeSSH, Lua can be used in many situations for higher speed.  Most zScript commands, functions, and variables can be directly accessed within a Lua script.

Unlike other scripting languages that use the Microsoft WSH (Windows Scripting Host) support (such as VBScript and JavaScript), Lua support is directly integrated into TeSSH. This provides higher speed, but it also provides Lua scripts with direct access to TeSSH settings, such as Variables, Aliases, Triggers, etc. This kind of direct access is not currently possible via WSH scripting languages.

To learn the basics of Lua, see the TeSSH Lua Tutorial.

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