Syntax: zs.makestatus{prop-list}

Creates a new status bar or modifies an existing status bar and returns the Statusbar record. This uses the Lua class syntax of {prop-list} where {prop-list} is a table of property values. Some properties can be set by the index (position in the table), while other properties can be set by name.

The indexed properties are: Name, Value, and Class. So, for example:

a = zs.makestatus{"mybar", "value", "myclass"}

will create an status bar called "mybar" in the class folder "myclass" with the "value" as the value of the status bar. This same status bar could have been created with the syntax:

a = zs.makestatus{name="mybar", value="value", class="myclass"}

This key=value syntax allows you to set *any* of the properties of the Statusbar object at creation time directly.

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