Create a new package

To create a new package, go to the Package Editor and select File/New Package from the menu. Enter the name of your package when prompted.

When you create a new package, TeSSH will also create the first Module for the package, and will give it the same name as your package name. The Module will be published be default.

The new package that you created will also be added to the list of packages to load for your session automatically. If you select Edit Session from the initial session selection screen and go to the File tab, you will see your new package in the Packages list.


Select "All Settings" from the View menu, or click the Settings button on the main toolbar to open the Package Editor. Select "New Package" from the File menu. Enter "Test Package" for the name of the package.

You will now see a new tab in the editor named "Test Package". In the left "tree-view" you will see a published Module called "Test Package". A package must contain at least one module or window. You can always rename this module later, change it to a window, or do whatever you want with it. TeSSH just creates the initial module for you to save you some time.

What about the package *.PKG file? It is created in your TeSSH/packages subfolder with the same name that you entered for the package name (with spaces removed) and with the *.PKG file extension. You can always use the File/Save Package As menu command to save the package to a different filename.

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