Backup preferences
Automatic backups
If enabled, TeSSH will automatically create backup copies of your session package when changes are made to it.  Default is disabled.
Number of backup files to keep
Determines the number of backup copies to keep at any given time.  Backups are automatically numbered and will be renamed as needed so filename_1.pkg is always the most recent backup, filename_2.pkg is the next oldest, etc.  Default is 1.
Minimum time between backups (minutes)
Specifies the minimum amount of time between backups.  After a change is made to your package, the new backup is not saved until this amount of time has expired.  This prevents your backups from being quickly overwritten by every small change made to them.  For example, setting this to 30 will create a new backup every 30 minutes (assuming your package is changing).  Default is 30.

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