Keyboard preferences
Character mode
If enabled, the user can click on the server output window and can enter text directly into the window instead of using the command line. When entering text directly into the server window, each character is sent to the server immediately, and Ctrl-key codes are also recognized. If disabled, then only the command line can be used to send commands to the server a line at a time. Default is disabled.
Local echo
When Character mode is enabled, this option determines whether characters are echoed to the output window as soon as they are typed. If disabled, then the characters are sent to the server and are not displayed in the output window unless the server sends the character back to the client (server or remote echo). Default is disabled.

The two tables at the bottom allow you to determine which keys on the keyboard do NOT sent control codes to the server.  "Normal mode" indicates the normal shell mode of the server.  "VT100 Keypad mode" indicates the server is in VT100 mode, such as within an editor like "vim".  By default, the PageUp and PageDn keys do not send control codes at the normal shell to allow those keys to be used in TeSSH to scroll the scrollback window.  However, in "VT100 Keypad mode" the PageUp and PageDn keys are unchecked to indicate those keys should be sent to the server to allow the remote editor to process them (and scroll the file being edited, for example).

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