Sound preferences

Enable Sounds
If enabled, sounds in TeSSH can be heard. If disabled, then TeSSH will not make any sound.
Beep Sound
Provides the numeric system sound for the default #BEEP command, or allows you to specify an external sound file for the #BEEP command.
Startup Sound
Sound played when TeSSH is started
Connect Sound
Sound played when a successful connection to a server server is made.
Disconnect Sound
Sound played when the server server disconnects the session
Sound Directory
The alternate directory to look for sound files in. TeSSH first looks for a sound file with the \sounds subdirectory of the current session folder, next TeSSH looks for the sound file within the directory that the TeSSH.EXE files are installed. Finally TeSSH will look in the Sound Directory folder.

TeSSH supports any type of sound file supported by the Windows Media drivers on your computer. This includes WAV, MP3, MID, and many other sound formats. You can test a sound file using the #PLAY command on the command line. You can also click the Play button to the far right side of each sound field on this screen to hear the sound.

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