Special Characters

Special character preferences
This screen allows you to change some of the special scripting characters used by TeSSH.  These options are mainly provided to allow TeSSH to work better with servers that already use these special characters for other purposes. In general, just using the Smart Command Line feature is enough and changing or disabling special characters is not normally recommended.

Command Char
Character used to start a TeSSH command. Default is #
Separator Char
Character used to separate multiple commands on the command line. Default is ;
Variable Char
Character used to retrieve the value of a TeSSH variable. Default is @
Parameter Char
Character used to start a TeSSH function or alias parameter number. Default is %
Focus Char
Character used to send commands to different windows. Default is :
Class Char
Character used to separate the names of class folders when specifying a full path to a variable or alias. Default is /
Line Quote Char
Character used at the beginning of the command line to cause the entire command line to be sent to the server verbatim. Default is `
History Char
Character used to recall specific commands from the command line history. Default is !
Quote Char
Character used to "quote" or "escape" the next character to prevent the next character from being parsed as a special character. Default is ~

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