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Automatically bring to front window with activity
If enabled, any window that receives text activity is brought to the front so that it is visible. Autohide windows are also made visible. If disabled, receiving text will not cause a window to be made visible automatically. Default is disabled.
Use ALT for docking
Not currently used in TeSSH.
Update main icon with status
If enabled, the main TeSSH icon in the Windows Task Bar is updated to reflect the status of the currently selected session window. When the window receives text from the server, or is disconnected, the status of the window icon is reflected in the main application icon. If disabled, the application icon is not changed by server activity. Default is enabled.
Show session output
If enabled, the text from the server is shown in the main window.  If disabled, no text from the server will be displayed.  Disabling this option is useful for creating windows that only contain button toolbars with no server text.  Default is enabled.
Automatically copy highlighted text to clipboard
If enabled, the simple act of highlighting text from the server will automatically place the text into the clipboard.  If disabled, you are required to press Ctrl-C or select the Edit/Copy menu to copy the highlighted text to the clipboard.  Default is enabled.
Show Close button on window tabs
If enabled, each window tab will have it's own X close button within the tab.  If disabled, a single X close button is placed in the upper-right corner to close the current window.  You can always close a window by right-clicking the tab and selecting the Close option from the menu.  Default is disabled.

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