Word wrap

Word wrap preferences

Word Wrap
If enabled, text received from the server is automatically word wrapped when it reaches the right edge of the main session window. If disabled, text is not wrapped and the horizontal scrollbar to the right of the status bar can be used to view long lines from the server. Default is enabled.
Auto Wrap
If enabled, the text is wrapped when it reaches the right edge of the session window. Text is re-wrapped if the window changes in size. If disabled, the text is wrapped at the specific width given by the Wrap Column below. Default is enabled.
Wrap Column
If Auto Wrap is disabled, this value is used for the maximum width of lines from the server. Lines longer than this value are word wrapped.
Wrap Indent
When a line of text is word-wrapped, this value is the amount of space added to the beginning of the wrapped part of line. Default value is 3.

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