Session editor
Session Title
This is the title of the session shown below the icon image in the main session display. You can enter any text into this field, or select a Title for another session icon from the dropdown list. If you select the Title of a session from the dropdown list, the Host and Port fields will also be copied from the selected session.
This is the short name of the session. It can be used by the #SESSION command to connect to a session, or it can be specified as the command line argument for TeSSH.EXE to automatically open that session.  For example:
C:\Program Files\TeSSH\TeSSH.exe ID
This is the server server Hostname or IP address.
This is the Port number for the server server
Image file
This is the filename of the image to display as the icon for this session. It can be a BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG image, but should be 32x32 pixels in size. If a different size image is used, the image will be scaled to fit in the 32x32 box size. You can click the Browse button to select a file from the disk. You can also click on the image box itself to select one of the internal images that are part of TeSSH.
Clicking the Lookup button will perform a DNS Lookup of the Host name and fill in the Addr field with the IP address of the server server.
Clicking the Ping button will attempt to connect to the Host and Port and will display the round-trip delay time for the network connection. The ICMP Ping protocol is used, which is blocked by some server servers and some ISPs. So, although the Ping button can be used to test if the server server is running, it might not work on some networks or MUDs.
Use Proxy Server
If a Proxy Server is configured in your Network preferences, this option can be used to determine whether or not this session uses your proxy server or not.
Last Connected
The date and time of the last connection to this session is shown in the status bar at the bottom of the window
Total Time
The total amount of time you have been connected to this session is shown in the status bar at the bottom of the window.

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