Syntax: #STW {string} class id
Related: #STATUS

Specifies the definition of the status window. The status window is like the status line except it can contain more than one line, and can contain %ansi color sequences. The status window can be positioned and sized anywhere on the screen (the position and sized is remembered). You can use the %cr predefined variable to insert a newline, the %ansi function to change the color of text, and MXP to do many other things. Right clicking on the status window also lets you set its definition string.

If the string is simply "on", the status window is turned on, and if it is "off", then the status window is turned off.
The status window can be added to by putting + before the string. If multiple status windows are defined they will be displayed in one window with a new line between each.


#STW { Hp: @hp %cr Exp: @exp %cr %ansi(red)Tank: @tank}

Defines a three line status window. The first line shows that current hitpoints in the @hp variable, the next line shows the experience in the @exp variable, and the last line shows the name of the current tank in red.

#STW + Amazing

Adds "Amazing" on it own line to the existing contents of the status window.

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