Syntax: #TI timer-state {commands} message-flag margin
Related: #T? #TS

Toggles the timer. If the timer is off, it is turned on. If it is on, then it is turned off. Note that the amount of time left in the timer is not effected by this command.

The optional timer-state parameter is used to determine whether to turn the timer on, off, or if missing, just toggle the current timer state. The optional commands parameter is used to specify the commands to execute when the timer is about to expire. The optional message-flag is used to specify whether a message is displayed to the screen when the timer is about to expire. If this flag is 0 (false) then no message is displayed. The default for this parameter is true, or whatever value has been set in the Timer preferences screen. The margin parameter determines how many seconds before the tick timer expires that the message is displayed and the command is executed.

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