Syntax: #T- classname|id settingtype

Disable execution of all settings with the specified classname. Or, if an ID is specified, the setting with the given name is enabled or disabled. In case of name conflicts, you can specify the type of setting (alias, trigger, macro, button, path, variable, status, class, speed) to search for. This command preforms expansion on its arguements. If an ID is unavaliabe for the setting you wish to target, you should surround it with quotes.

If no target is found a class will NOT be created and disabled. To create a class, use the #CLASS command instead.

If "key" is specified for the type, then any class folder that has the matching keyword will be disabled. (added in v3.01)

T- example

#T- autosplit
turn off all settings in the autosplit class.
#TRIGGER {^By what name do you wish to be known~?} {#CH} {AutoLog} {prompt|nocr}
#T- "^By what name do you wish to be known~~?"
#T+ "^By what name do you wish to be known~~?"
turn off then on the trigger that was just created.

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