[2.36] Selecting a variable at the start of a line in PE always shows @ selected

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[2.36] Selecting a variable at the start of a line in PE always shows @ selected
Most likely an issue in all CMUD versions too. If you have a variable name, e.g. @myVar at the beginning of a line (including wrapped lines) in the script pane of the Package Editor, it appears to be impossible to select the variable name without the @ symbol. However, in fact, if you do a Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V (somewhere else) on the highlighted text you get the variable name *without* the @ symbol. You do get an indication based on the where the vertical line is that this is going to happen, but it is still odd. Similarly, but separately, if you put the cursor at the end of a variable name, and do Ctrl-Shift-Left twice it selects the variable name *with* the @symbol but with the next character to the left of it (where the character to the left, in my case is | - this is important - if you have space before the @ it works fine in this case). My test case is an alias where variables should be expanded but everything else is sent verbatim to the server. It is still an issue if I quote the |, e.g. "|"@timeout I would expect Ctrl-Shift-Left twice from the end to select @timeout, with the 3rd one selecting the whole lot.
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The @ character is added to the list of alphanumeric characters so that double clicking on @var will select the whole thing. As fas as the internal selection and shortcut keys, those are going to be internal to the Scinitilla editor DLL component that CMUD and TeSSH are using, so there isn't going to be much I can do about that. I'll add it to the bug list, but it's not going to be a very high priority. Maybe there is a newer version of Scintilla available that improves some of this.