[3.17] Shortcut to toggle character mode?

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[3.17] Shortcut to toggle character mode?
I don't like using my mouse, especially when I don't have it plugged in and it's the stupid laptop keyboard touchpad thing... and maybe I haven't been pressing enough random buttons to figure out the existing shortcut, but I'm looking for some easy way to toggle character mode off/on completely, including moving the cursor to the session window or command line as appropriate. I can't quite decide if I want the toggle to completely hide the command line while in character mode, then redisplay it when you toggle back out or not. I can see pluses and minuses for both sides of the fence. I think I'd also like a button like those others (alias/trigger on/off)... a "send special keys to server on/off" as well. If it's got the little red X then all special keys are done in the traditional CMUD way, if it doesn't, then they are sent to the server. It should remember your setting from the last session and probably only apply to keystrokes when typed into the command line. If you're in character mode then it should send everything to the server, except the keys that were excluded in the preferences.
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I couldn't find one either Rainchild. It is something you can easily script by using the %pref function. You can see it, turn it on or off using the following commands.
#echo %pref(CharMode)  // See the current mode
#call %pref(CharMode,1)  // Set CharMode on
#call %pref(CharMode,0)  // Set CharMode off
FYI, the latest version of TeSSH is 3.31, so I would definitely recommending downloading that since several bugs were fixed since then.
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In the 3.31 version you can also use Shift-Tab to toggle between the command line and the main window (character mode).