[3.31] Minimize weirdness under RDP

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[3.31] Minimize weirdness under RDP
I haven't upgraded to 3.33a yet but I didn't see anything in the patch notes to say you'd fixed issues with the windowing code, so I figure it's still probably an issue.

Situation is this... I'm RDPing (full screen) into a 2003 server (32 bit) from my Windows 7 machine (64 bit) and I launch TeSSH on the server's desktop.  I connect to a host via telnet and then minimize the TeSSH window.  I then minimize or close the RDP session, leaving TeSSH still minimized and running on the server.  Later when I alt-tab back into the server, or reconnect the disconnected session, I can't un-minimize TeSSH.  Right-clicking it on the task bar and choosing "Restore" doesn't work either.

It doesn't happen all the time, but I'd say maybe 75% of the time, especially when the RDP session has been closed for a few minutes and some data has come in.  I used a linux "top" command to create traffic while trying to reproduce it semi-reliably.

I can open up task manager on the server and right click on TeSSH and click on "Maximize" and it will bring the session back as it should be, however this has uncovered another issue... the window which is actually Maximized seems to be some kind of parent window which has the background picture from the desktop in it.  It also hides the task bar.

This second issue can be reprouced without RDP and it manifests itself under CMUD Pro as well (not sure about CMUD regular).  Just open a session, open task manager and choose to Maximize the TeSSH/CMUD Pro window.

Just in case you ask, I couldn't seem to get the minimize bug to happen when I pressed "Escape" instead of opening a session, but the session I've been having issues with has no triggers/settings.  The only things I recall changing are auto-clear command line, and to show the timestamp.
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I'll add that to the bug list.  I remember when I played with the Remote Desktop stuff with CMUD a couple of years ago and ran into all sorts of Windows issues with it.

(also, sorry for the delay in posting.  I've been gone for the holidays)